Date: 5/8/2014
Location: Paris, Batofar club

Plain, polished, and frozen fashion photography is a thing of the past. Pristine skin marred with scars and imperfect features have become signs of distinction; the beauty standards that once were are being demolished. Society craves underground edge and new alternative norms. Saint Laurent’s runway is laden with tattooed figures, Alice Dellal claims her role in Chanel’s latest campaign, and Rick Genest, otherwise known as “Zombie Boy”, stuns as the newest muse of Thierry Mugler. Their poses — which at times may appear less than elegant, much like those of the dancers in Degas’ paintings — shock, attract and amaze. As a sculptor, Sergey plays with flesh as if it were wax. As a painter, he highlights the use of contrasts and chiaroscuro. As a director, he depicts the story of a fashion thriller played by glamourous models. The century of pinup girls, Barbies and other unrealistically formed dolls is over. Out of his cocoon made from cotton candy-colored feathers, Sergey depicts the world of today through his choice of models. He sees a world of aggression, cosmopolitan, and violence; a world of contrasts where anything is possible.

Written By: Maria Shakhnova